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We are proud to announce the relaunch of The site was originally designed using a custom-designed WordPress template, but that template was left incomplete and also did not take advantage of features now built in to WordPress that make some custom template functions unnecessary. For example, the template used custom fields to display featured images, rather than using the built-in featured image option. Each custom post type then required its own custom field. Our client was happy to hear that some of the frustration she was feeling with her old design would simply go away by starting our redesign with an up-to-date template using the latest features WordPress has to offer. 

It is extremely important to keep your WordPress installation updated, but also to keep your theme updated. As WordPress releases new features and security fixes, your theme must keep pace with those changes. Sometimes tasks that take two or three steps are consolidated into one as WordPress refines and updates its core functions, or systems for which you’re currently using a plugin may become a part of the core of your WordPress installation (such as the custom drag-and-drop menus feature of WordPress 3.0). 

If your WordPress installation is out of date, and you’re seeing a nag at the top of your screen when you login, make a full backup of your site and then upgrade. If that seems too complicated to you, or you’re worried you might break something in the process, get in touch and we can do it for you.

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