Adwords Campaign Costs Are Affected by Website Design

Landing Pages affect your Adwords Quality Score

Last year, I came across a luxury clay tile roofing manufacturing company who was spending upwards of $5,000 a month on their Adwords campaign. The ads themselves were very well written. In some ads, the copy spoke of a specific type of clay tile along with cost and a call to action. In others, a […]

How do I increase traffic to my site?


Linda. Linda, honey. Linda listen. Maybe you don’t KNOW how to increase traffic to your site and so it’s an honest question. Maybe you’ve been told before and you’re looking for someone to tell you a different, maybe easier answer. Increasing the products sold on your site, or the leads generated from your site, or whatever your […]

Setting Marketing Priorities for Your Business

Marketing Priorities

Once you have defined your brand, and created your user profiles… then what? Your users’ goals are important (first and foremost) but YOU have goals, too, right? You have to have a plan for how to get your brand, your users’ goals and YOUR goals to intersect. But how to do you begin prioritizing what you […]

Creating User Profiles for Better Marketing


It’s important to establish who are your customers so you can help them accomplish their goals as they interact with your business. We usually call this process User Profiling, but you may also have heard it called Buyer Profiles, or User Personas or Customer Profiles. What is a User Profile? A user profile helps you focus on your specific customers, […]