The Sales Funnel: Engaging Your Crowd

In the previous post in this series about the sales funnel, we talk about attracting your community through the use of Blogging, Social Network Publishing, PPC Campaigns and Traditional PR. It’s great that now this person knows who you are, but they’re still just a face in the crowd. You need to get that person to engage with you. […]

The Sales Funnel: Attracting Your Community

The first question you have to ask yourself when building the sales funnel is “How am I going to attract my ideal customer?” We like to say you’re attracting your community. Just like in your hometown, you have a community of people who are physically near to you, but don’t know you yet. We want to […]

What Is A Sales Funnel?

We often talk about how internet marketing affects the sales funnel. But maybe you’re the person asking, “What IS a sales funnel and how can I use it to increase sales for my business?” In this week’s series, we’re going to walk you through a sales funnel diagram and show you how to use internet […]

Ask Angie, LIVE, Fridays at 11AM

Every Friday at 11AM EST I’m answering your marketing questions LIVE. You can submit your questions here, tweet @angiemeeker using the hashtag #askangie, or even send me a video on instagram – just be sure to use the hashtag #askangie. Then come back Fridays at 11AM EST to discover your answer and watch as I […]

Competitive Analysis: Who are you up against?

It was the last day of Christmas break 2014. We’d played every board game in the house, reached level four of Harry Potter Quidditch, read approx. 47 books, fashioned together clothespin people, had a box-jumping competition and made cookies. It was pouring outside so we were stuck in the house, searching for something to do. […]