75% of Young Donors Turned Off by Out-of-Date Web Sites

The Chronicle of Philanthropy shares a powerful video of young donors exploring the websites of various non-profits and sharing their gut reactions and says that 75% of Young Donors Turned Off by Out-of-Date Web Sites. “Organizations that want to persuade people in their 20s and early 30s to give and volunteer don’t have much of a […]

Dominating a Niche Business on MattReport.com

Angie Meeker

Late last year I came upon www.mattreport.com and immediately loved what Matt Medeiros is up to – video interviews with WordPress entrepreneurs. I shot Matt a few tweets of folks I thought would be great for the show, then a few tweets and months later, I landed on it myself! Matt gave our interview the title, “How […]

Extending WordPress Multisite for Fun and Profit

WordPress website design is not limited to a website with a blog and three pages: About, Services, and Contact. For many businesses, that setup is all that is needed TECHNICALLY to completely dominate their competition (of course, what you DO with that blog and three pages is another content marketing story). But WordPress is capable […]

Wasting The Conversion Opportunities on Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday Conversions

Getting wasted is only OK when you’re young enough to not know better. (Sophia Bush)

There is a fancy dessert shop around the corner from my house, and on Small Business Saturday I noticed they were serving up a Facebook ad which specifically mentioned Small Business Saturday. I thought to myself, “That could be smart.” So I clicked on the ad…