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The most powerful tool you have in your marketing toolbox is your LIST, and more specifically, your list of your customer’s email addresses. Email Marketing is one of the simplest and most affordable methods to feed your marketing cycle.

We can create and manage your email marketing campaigns, share them on social networks, integrate with services you already use like your website and Facebook, and track your results.

Our email marketing services includes the planning AND execution of your campaign, including:


Use Autoresponders to create and schedule automated messages that make your subscribers feel special and encourage engagement.

RSS to Email

Our RSS-to-email campaigns automatically send newsletters whenever you update your blog or any other RSS feed.

A/B Split Testing

Companies who A/B test their email campaigns get 11% better open rates and 17% more clicks.

Campaign Archives

We provide a free permanent URL for every campaign, so you can share your newsletters anytime you want.

Online or Off

Collect signups without an internet connection and sync them with your account.

Social Sharing

Increase the impact of your message when you combine email marketing with social networking.


Turn your email newsletters into conversations by enabling comments for your campaigns.

Time Warp

Choose what time of day you want your newsletter delivered, and we’ll automatically deliver it at the same local time worldwide

Facebook Integration

Our Facebook features help you make connections, add fans, and get the word out about your campaign.


We let you target your audience by location—even if you haven’t collected any location data.

Google Analytics

Your email newsletters could be generating serious revenue. Google Analytics integration shows you instant ROI results.


Segment your list based on interest, engagement and more, so you can tailor your message to your audience.

List Management

Manages opt–ins, unsubscribes, and bounce cleaning, so you’re always in compliance with spam laws and best practices.

Paid Newsletter Subscriptions

Do you publish exceptional email campaigns or newsletters? Boost your income by charging subscribers a monthly fee.


Create QR coupon codes, send them to your subscribers, and use your iPhone to scan them from wherever you are.

Reports Overview

Our free reports tell you who opened and clicked, how many times your email was forwarded, overall ROI and more.

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