Mobile Marketing

97% of those who receive a text message open it. Let us help you set up your mobile campaign.

Mobile Marketing provides your business with a powerful, yet simply marketing tool. It delivers your message straight to your clients’ cell phone. It is as easy as sending an email. It is a great way of driving sales and staying in touch with your clients. I recommend ProTexting Mobile Marketing. Save money and set-up time by cutting the large upfront expense of creating your own text message gateway and eliminate up to ten months wait time for approval by the major carriers by using our already-approved system. In addition, ProTexting manages and maintains close relationships with the major carriers to make sure that your messages are delivered on time, every time.

I can help you increase efficiency, increase awareness, and increase sales with a creative text marketing campaign: from defining the goals for your campaign, to setting up your ProTexting account, creating the collateral used to communicate the campaign to customers, and managing the campaign on a daily basis. Don’t neglect this powerful, targeted marketing channel. Get in touch today to get started.

Example of use

  • Collect customer data – promote your mobile keyword “Text NYPIZZA to 82257 to join our list and receive valuable coupons”
  • Text with weekly specials – “Specials for this week: Monday – roasted duck, Tue- seared scallops, Wed…”
  • Send out coupons – “Happy hour with $5 Lychee martinis every Wednesday”
  • Ask for feedback about the client experience –  “How did you find your dining experience. Tell us how to improve”
  • Text to inform of any new items on your menu – “Come in to try our new…”
  • Text with holiday wishes and specials, and bring traffic to your restaurants on key dates. – “Join us for dinner today and receive a complimentary Tiramisu with your dinner for your Birthday”

Why should I use mobile marketing?

  1. It helps you INCREASE your sales – reach your clients any time and drive traffic to your establishment.
  2. It’s super SIMPLE – as easy as sending an email, even faster.
  3. It helps you collect diners’ DATA – numerous ways of collecting data via mobile phones, web site forms, printed materials, all limited only by your imagination.
  4. It’s cheaper and MORE EFFECTIVE than any other type of marketing – only 5 cents to reach a patron. Your message will be read.

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