We build solid foundations

As small businesses become more aware of the necessity of marketing online and realize that they need help, many wonder what exactly does an “internet marketing consultant” do, and how much does it cost? Like most services, explaining my pricing isn’t as simple as throwing up a pricing chart. My rates are based on the value we can provide your business and are consistent with those of our colleagues. I’ll do my best to give you an idea of what you can expect to receive when we begin a relationship to improve your traffic, leads and sales. The service I provide is one of strategy first, tools second.

Internet Marketing Workshops

Let us help your key stakeholders understand the important principles of how marketing your business online will help accomplish your business’s strategic goals. We’ll help your employees begin the transition to becoming content marketers – those who willingly and purposefully educate and connect with your target market online for the purpose of reaching your stated goals. Generally speaking, these workshops go anywhere from a few hours to possibly a few days, and can start as low as a few thousand dollars and get  in the 15-25k range if it’s an extended event. I find that most businesses are served well between 3-5 hours.

Social Media and Internet Marketing Training

For any internet marketing campaign to be successful, your staff who will be the hands running that campaign have to know the ins and outs of the principles of that campaign. Sometimes, these key leader are new to internet marketing themselves and don’t yet have a grasp on these principles, let alone the technical details of the tools used to run the campaigns (how to manage the social media accounts, administer the email marketing, video marketing, Pay-Per-Click, etc). With our easy-to-understand and hands-on teaching style, we’ll help your marketing team take the reins. These are typically multi-day events so that we don’t overload employees with too much new information.

Oversight of Content, especially blogging

I will take my fresh and experienced eyes to create an editorial calendar for your content, especially your blog, that supports your strategic goals and drives traffic, increases leads and helps to convert those leads. It’s also very likely that after working with your staff for several months, they will be entirely able to manage this content themselves without my help.

WordPress Website Design and Development

The foundation for your online presence is a strong website. And just like your home, your website should be a place that is inviting and compels guests to kick off their shoes and stay awhile. We will help you create a website that draws visitors back time and time again towards your specific point of conversion. Whatever you need your website to do, however you need it to function, we can do it.

Email Marketing

The most powerful tool you have in your marketing toolbox is your LIST, and more specifically, your list of your customer’s email addresses. Email Marketing is one of the simplest and most affordable methods to feed your marketing cycle. I can create and manage your email marketing campaigns, share them on social networks, integrate with services you already use like your website and Facebook, and track your results.

Mobile Marketing

Why be bound by the computer? Reach your customers where they are NOW – on the go, on their phones! Let us help you set up and even manage your mobile marketing campaign. Use a simple text message for keeping your clients, team members, or community in the loop with updates, news, alerts, and bulk notifications.

Print Design

With all of the talk about social media and internet marketing, one might think that print marketing is dead. NOT SO! Print mail is still an incredibly effective method of marketing, and we can help you design your next mailing, letter, advertisement, signage, logo, letterhead, business…whatever your print needs are, we will ensure it integrates with the rest of your marketing strategy.

So what does all of that cost?

As you can see, the scope of what each business may need varies greatly, and the time it takes to implement each of these does, too. For most small to medium sized businesses, a monthly consultancy retainer will be between $3-$7K.

As a business that’s considering bringing in a consultant like me, there are only two questions you need to ask yourself right now:

  1. Because we are not currently maximizing our business by marketing it online, how much is this potentially costing our business?
  2. If we embraced marketing online and truly did it well, what are the realistic results in terms of branding and bottom-line we might expect?

I know if you really think about the answers to those questions, the process of hiring your internet marketing consultant will be much, much easier.

Have questions? Would you like some help with your internet marketing? Get in touch.